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Read your physical books in the CLOUD!!

Great News!!

You can read and store your once physical books in the digital cloud!

We integrated with Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote! You can learn more about it here:

The way it works is you first set up your account after you login to have Fine Tune Files be uploaded into your favorite cloud service on request. Then, the file is uploaded! Box and Google Drive have HTML5 Viewers so you can read your books on the cloud also!

Find out more about turning your physical books into ebooks and uploading them to the cloud!!!!

*(This is currently only for Platinum and Platinum Lite Members)

Go Paperless With Books Too!

At 1DollarScan, we have many users that are using our scanning service to go paperless in their office. We scan books, documents, photos etc. We’ve even helped law offices scan all of their law books!

You can save space and clean up the clutter in your office at home or work. No need to stop with just papers and documents, try book scanning too! Make your books digital here at the 1DollarScan WebSite !

1DollarScan for Musicians!

Are you a musician who likes to read sheet music or tablature from your iPad or digital device?

Well now you can send your physical/paper sheet music, music books and tablature to us! We will scan and digitize your material and make your paper content digital. No need to carry heavy books around when you have a digital device for that.

If you need a page hands free controller to turn pages, then we highly recommend the highly popular products from AirTurn! Many of our customers informed us about how they were using AirTurn to help their digital music reading needs!

You should check out Airturn here:

What We Do At 1DollarScan

What We Do
We are the world’s most famous book scanning service located in San Jose, Ca. 

We convert books to digital files for affordable prices. 1DollarScan has also helped many publishers and authors convert paper books into digital format to prepare their books for the e-book market.

Many users use our service to clean up clutter, save space and to archive their books and materials. Some users are simply trying to create a paperless lifestyle.

When E-Books Are Not Available
One of our popular options is the Amazon Direct Option. This allows users to order paper books from online bookstores and have the books sent directly to our location in San Jose, where we will then scan the book and deliver the digital file to the user.

This is very popular when the Kindle store will say that the Kindle version is not available or when the Kindle is not available for that particular user’s country. Many people from other countries also use our Amazon Direct Option to save price on shipping. There is more info about our Amazon Direct Option here

World Wide
We have customers from all over the world. We have customers in The United States, Canada, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Nigeria, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Australia, Denmark and many other countries all over the world.

Supported Devices

Most new digital devices like PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smart phones should have no problem reading our output.

In general, the most popular devices used are: Kindle, Nexus, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many more.

Find our more at